Sometimes there is no rhyme or reason to it when a particular individual suddenly gains a public following or a new trend catches on.

Such is the case with one of IRISH TV’s firm favourites – IRISH PAINT MAGIC – which goes out daily on the channel and enjoys continual positive feedback from happy viewers.

This is a series of painting demonstrations by Irish Artist David Willis with a particular focus on Irish landscapes and scenery.  The popular self-taught artist chats with viewers as he shares his painting tips while completing new works throughout the series.

To get a feel for what it is all about you really need to tune in and check it out for yourself. David Willis is not only a wonderful artist but also has a choice way with words and descriptions that help him communicate not just the visual elements but also how painting the pictures actually feels.

So many of us are artists at heart and perhaps that is why David touches a chord with so many. Even if you don’t rate your own artistic skills, watching David in full flow at his work is therapy in itself.

IRISH PAINT MAGIC  airs at 9am every week-day morning and also for those real early-risers can be seen from 5.30am-6.30am.




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