We anticipate with great interest the third and final US Presidential debate between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump scheduled to take place tomorrow Wednesday October 19th at 9pm (US time).

Since Round 2 (to use boxing parlance) following the leaked tape and sex allegations around Donald Trump, the Republican candidate is said to have dropped up to 12 points in the polls.

Clinton on the other hand is gaining at Trump’s expense – yet the question remains – is she the figure-head Americans will vote for to become the next President of the United States?



Considering Trump’s bolshie, testosterone-fuelled performance in Round 2 in the face of the leaked tape controversy, it is likely he will once again sweep in to tomorrow’s debate full of swagger and intent. His game will no doubt be to deflect the spotlight from the growing scandals linked to his name and instead turn the tables on Clinton once more in an effort to demonise the Democratic candidate.

This final debate is Clinton’s to lose. No doubt her advice team will be weighing up what tactics will work best. Should she go in all guns blazing in attack mode or instead continue to play the slow and steady wins the race card?

Concerns around Clinton coming across as aggressive and unlikeable should be put on the back burner tomorrow night in order to give voice to the anger brewing among the American public around the quality of presidential candidates going forward.

Clinton needs to step up her performance at this critical outing. She has been handed a massive artillery  against Trump on a silver platter. She needs to run with the ball and not let it drop. She must return again and again to the Trump scandals now festering at the core of the Republican party and keep it going right to the end of the debate. She must appear strong.

Can she keep the momentum going and capitalise on this golden opportunity?

We await with bated breath.

For now, the prediction for this talk-fest from Las Vegas, Nevada is that Clinton will walk away with it. She will play the attack card and show the American public the real mettle that has taken her all the way to knocking on the White House door once again.

Little will it matter how either candidate addresses the first five segment topics in the debate, around debt and entitlements, immigration, economy, the Supreme Court and foreign areas of interest.

This debate is all about topic number six – which should be latched upon by Clinton from the outset; fitness to be president.

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