In just two weeks time the 2016 US presidential election takes place, following which, the American people will have a new leader, to succeed outgoing President Barack Obama.

Will November 8 deliver Hillary Clinton as the next US President or will we instead be referring to President Donald Trump?

Following the third and final presidential debate held at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas on October 19 last, the reality is anything can happen. Both Trump and Clinton held their nerve and controlled their emotions for the most part in this critical debate so that by the end of it all, the American public was treated to mostly repetition of what had gone on in previous debates.


While Trump rose to the bait on occasion displaying a tendency for playground standard tit for tat parrying, overall he kept his cool and talked what can only have been judged as a lot of sense by viewers. With strong words on the economy and global trade and hard-line talk around security, gun control, abortion and terrorist threats, there is no doubt his loyal following will have cemented as a result of this performance.

Clinton for her part came across as possibly the most controlled she has been throughout the three debates. Looking immaculate in her choice of cream-coloured suit, her delivery was polished and poised as she argued point for point against Trump. From Supreme Court Judge appointments to immigration, border security and the economy, she talked up the current Democratic Party style of leadership while promising to add to it with embellishments here and there.

Trump countered that America had failed dismally under President Barack Obama; it could not afford the ongoing entitlements payout under Medicare; the attack of Iraq on Iran had happened on its watch; it had been out-played by other powerful leaders, such as Assad and Putin; it was propping up rich economies while draining the US economy dry.

In typical style he was close to incendiary on terrorism threats – claiming that a large percentage of fleeing refugees entering the US were no doubt ISIS radicals (“thanks a lot for that Hillary; Nobody can believe how stupid our leadership is”), to which Clinton retorted that all persons entering the States were fully and properly vetted on terrorism grounds.

The odd pow wow took place  – Trump describing Clinton’s 30 years of experience as ‘bad experience’ and Clinton’s repartee that while she worked he was not paying taxes and presenting Celebrity Apprentice Clinton.


Some nasty moments arose as ever – with Trump attempting to validate his claims that the ‘election is rigged’  on the basis that Clinton ‘should never have been allowed to run based on what she did with emails and so many things.’

When pushed on accepting the outcome of the election, whatever it may be, Trump reiterated he will decide once it happens; until then he will keep people in suspense.

In contrast to such straight-talking, Clinton came across as more prepared and bland as she repeated her arguments around taxing the rich and growing the middle class while insisting that as a nation of immigrants that operated on a system of laws, border security would be maintained.

Commenting on the 11 million undocumented living in the US and the 4 million American citizen children born to them, she stated: “I will bring the undocumented out from the shadows and in to the market economy which will be good for everyone.”

trump-clinton-2 trump-clinton

As for the hot topic around Fitness For The Office Of President – despite the scandals and the many women coming forward to claim that Trump had sexually assaulted them – somehow this theme again got turned around to Clinton – and questions remaining to be answered around the purported dissemination of classified information from her private email account.

Asked directly about the nine women who have ‘come forward to say you groped or kissed them without their consent’, Trump rounded: “Nobody has more respect for women than I do. Those stories have been largely debunked, I don’t know those people, I have a feeling they came from her campaign; we know she paid some of them €1500 to be violent at my rallies.”

On this theme Clinton offered: “We heard him saying what he did to women and after that these women came forward to confirm this is what he did; we know who he is and how he acts to women. We must be very clear what kind of person we want as president, that we do not pit against each other but instead work together and lift each other up.”

How America decides to vote for its next President will certainly prove a test for the nation.

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