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In addition to being a ‘great discussion’ – as announced by Senator Mike Pence at the end of the one-and-only-to-be US Vice Presidential debate which took place this week, perhaps most notable about the first ever public conversation between the two candidates was the extent of the job they did in representing their Presidential candidate running mates.


At the end of the 90 minute debate on October 4 from Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia, (offering home state advantage to Kaine) during which it cannot be denied the wide-ranging subject matter which covered everything from the American economy, to health, employment, tax returns, religion, race relations, gun control, social security, the growth of China, North Korea, ISIS in Syria as well as Russia’s nuclear programme plans, proved both provocative and enlightening – one thing was utterly clear. Each candidate rooted 100% for their leader candidate and talked the talk of those entirely dedicated to the cause.




In the case of Indiana Senator Mike Pence, who has received criticism for holing up in the Trump camp, his performance in this regard was nothing short of a star-turn. Initially avoiding the influx of barbs from Virginia Senator Kaine as he reiterated Trump’s perceived public failings throughout the campaign – the insults and slurs against women, the racism, threats of expulsion and containment of illegal immigrants, the penchant for nuclear warfare – and after eventually conceding that Trump was not a ‘polished politician’ as Clinton and Kaine were – he achieved a stellar coup in in the concluding moments of the debate.


In this parting speech, not only did Pence succeed in defending Trump to the hilt with his carefully selected words, but by virtue of his controlled and passionate delivery of them, he himself came across as a man with huge leadership potential. As he sat there speaking to the nation for the nation with authority, gravitas, fluency and conviction, this performance by Senator Pence – possibly a virtual unknown to many around the world familiar only with top-rung politics in America – can only be described as staggering.

His words, had they not been about such a divisive subject as Trump, came across as 100% convincing. Everything he was saying – the way he was saying it – and the engaging body language and eye contact he maintained throughout – all of these combined to make the world sit up and listen – and at the very least – consider his assertions.


It is worth noting these words here – for the record – as no doubt they will be returned to again and again as a key reference point in this most fascinating of American Presidential election campaigns.




After graciously thanking host Elaine Quijano for a ‘great discussion’- a sentiment Senator Kaine agreed to with the response, ‘absolutely’, Mike Pence delivered his impressive summary plea around the theme of uniting America – as follows:

“The best way we can bring people together is through change in Washington DC – the potential is there to really change the direction of this country but it will take leadership. The American people want to see our nation standing tall on the world stage again, to see us supporting our military, rebuilding it, commanding the respect of the world; they want to see the American economy off to the races again; they want to see an American comeback.

“Donald Trump’s entire career has been about building, about going through hardship just as any business person does and finding a way through smarts and resilience and ingenuity to fight forward; and when Donald Trump becomes president of the United States, we’re going to have a stronger America. When you hear him say he wants to make America great again, when we do that, I truly believe American people will be standing taller and that real change can happen after decades talking about it and we will have the unity we’ve been talking about for so long.”





None of this must take away from the performance of Senator Tim Kaine – a man who also fought solidly tooth and nail on behalf of his leader candidate – Hillary Clinton – but who – at the conclusion of the debate – having displayed a readiness to rise to the bait and a tendency for repetition in his Trump attacks as well as a certain tetchiness throughout – has to be deemed as having come up shorter as a performer.

Also, the fact that Kaine opened the debate and Pence closed it – with such a powerful appeal on behalf of Trump – meant that the most memorable and impactful words from the debate, delivered in the concluding moments, are actually the ones most likely to be remembered from the night.




Little more needs to be recorded here on this historical debate for the moment which, while starting off somewhat edgy and jumpy as the vying candidates attempted with some success to tear strips of each other, settled into a nice rhythm with some surprisingly high-brow intellectual input, before ending on a strong crescendo. Interestingly the debate itself had not been tipped as something that would influence voter thinking one way or the other so that there was little expectation or focus around it.

From a viewer perspective having watched the debate from the green island of Ireland where interest in Irish-American relations and particularly the fate of our undocumented emigrants is always at a premium, it could be assessed that this debate will have much more of an impact than anticipated and that the vast amount of material contributed by both parties, will provide a source of reflection for some time.

For now however the outcome following the VP debate appears to be that the ball is firmly in the Republican camp after what must be described as a defeat in the Democratic camp.

It will be up to both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump to pick up the reins from here again to convince the American people that their leadership, and their proposed Vice Presidential leadership, is what the nation needs to re-build and unify once again.

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Tune in to our new Autumn schedule as we launch our celebrity road-trip series Are We There Yet? with Coronation Street star Jim McDonald and catch up with chef Paul Treyvaud on his travels again as he cruises and cooks his way along the River Shannon.

Festival fever at the Rose of Tralee and Mary from Dungloe is recalled by this year’s pageant winners and there is also a report from Dearbhla Lennon, Riverdance, Lord of the Rings and Irish dance superstar on how Irish dancing is truly a global phenomenon.

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Healthy living, Opsh and mental health services for young people

  • All on this weeks’ Dublin County Matters

Almost one-fifth of the world’s obese adults live between Ireland and five other high-income English-speaking countries and by 2025, 37 per cent of Irish women will be obese. This is according to a new study published in the Lancet Journal.

In Dublin County Matters this week Dietician Orla Walsh shares tips on helping people to get back on track by introducing more activity to their lifestyle and making sure vegetables are a part of most meals.

Presenter Rebecca Horan also meets Jennie McGinn from the on-line store Opsh which she started with her sisters less than a year ago. As the business has grown and grown, she talks about the uphill battle that is starting your own business and working with family.

Finally there is a report on what services are on offer for children and adolescents in this country suffering with mental health difficulties at St Patrick’s University Hospital.

img_7332  img_7792



Dublin County Matters airs on IRISH TVs on Thursday at 7pm with repeats on the following Sunday at 8.30pm and Wednesday at 4.30pm.


Dublin fans were out in force in Smithfield in the heart of the city centre yesterday as their victorious All-Ireland players converged in the wide open air to celebrate their two-in-a-row Sam Maguire win.

Congratulations to the boys in blue for a tremendous performance in Croke Park on Saturday and sincere condolences to the Mayo players who also played brilliantly and made such a valiant effort to claim the Sam Maguire cup.

The homecoming in Smithfield was broadcast LIVE on IRISH TV capturing the jubilation of the thousands of Dublin supporters who turned up to pay homage to the team players.

Enjoy our collage of photos from the event here:


itv-15 itv-1 itv-2 itv-3 itv-4 itv-5 itv-6 itv-7 itv-8 itv-9 itv-10 itv-11 itv-12 itv-13 itv-14IRISHTV-Logo-v1-4pt


The first US Presidential debate kicked off last night and gave the world a fascinating look at Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump as they debated the state of modern America side-by-side on a speaker podium. With Clinton resolutely calm throughout and Trump only going so far as to purse his lips and grimace at regular intervals, overall it was a fairly subdued affair in which the two traded copious attacks and batted them off with equanimity.

The 90 minute debate was divided in to six segments of 15 minutes that covered three topic areas, namely: Achieving prosperity; America’s Direction and Securing America.

Candidates were given two minutes to speak on the opening question of each section before they could then engage in open discussion. This format proved effective in allowing  attention to be directed individually at the candidates before the real study of body language commenced as each reacted to what the other was saying.

Host Lester Holt opened proceedings on a powerful note in the context of Achieving Prosperity in America where he stated ‘nearly half of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck’, before going on to pose the direct question: Why are you a better candidate?


First to respond, Democratic Nominee Hillary Clinton was categorical: “First we have to build an economy that works for everyone; not just those at the top; I want us to invest in you, in your future, that means jobs in infrastructure, advance construction, innovation, clean technology and in small business, as most of the jobs in the future will be from small business.

“We also have to make the economy fairer, raise the minimum wage and guarantee finally equal pay for women’s work; and I also want to see more companies do profit sharing, so that it is not just for those at the top; and we need to do more to support people struggling to balance work and family, let’s have paid family leave, earned sick days, affordable child care and debt free college; we will do this by having the wealthy pay their share and close the corporate loop-holes.”

Before signing off and telling her rival –  “Donald it’s good to be with you!” –  she spoke directly to camera reminding the watching American public of the importance of the election task ahead of them:

“You have to judge us and decide who can shoulder the immense awesome responsibilities of the presidency – and put in to action the plans that can make your life better.”

Trump opener paints the dark side of US modern life. 

In his turn Donald Trump opened equally forcefully, employing more personal and sensational terms to describe his views of modern America.

“Our jobs are fleeing the country, to Mexico and many other countries. Look at China and what it is doing to our country in terms of making our products and devaluing our currency – and there is no one in our government to fight them; they are using our country as a piggy bank to rebuild China and many other countries are doing the same.

“So many of our small companies are leaving; Ford – the small car division is leaving, they’re all leaving, thousands of jobs, we can’t allow it to happen anymore. We have to stop our jobs from being stolen from us and our companies leaving the US and with it firing all of their people. So many hundreds of companies are doing this and going to Mexico. We cannot let this happen.

“Under my plan I will reduce taxes. I will reduce the tax rate for business tremendously from 35% to 15%. That will be job creation on the scale not seen since Ronald Reagan, it is going to be a beautiful thing to watch.”


debate-2  debate-4 debate


In response, Clinton contended:

“Tax plans need to support work and not just financial transactions; these biggest tax cuts would be for the top people, it is what I call trumped up trickle down – that is what it would be; that is not how we grow the economy, we just have different views on this; I believe in creating jobs and rising incomes. He really believes the more you help wealthy people the better we will be, I don’t buy that. ”

To which Trump retaliated:

“We owe 20 trillion dollars! We cannot do this any longer. The first thing to do is don’t let the jobs leave.  As they leave you say fine, we wish you a lot of luck, but I say cars, cookies, air conditioners  – you think you can make them in Mexico and bring them back in to the US without paying tax? No! So we can and have to stop them from leaving.”

And so it continued, with the odd personal barb and character attack thrown in on everything from Hillary’s looks to Donald’s wealth, as well as some interesting statements made that may come back to haunt both candidates in the future – a selection of which are below:

debate-5 debate-6 debate-7 debate-8

Trump statements – personal 

“I have much better judgement than her (Clinton) and a much better temperament. I have a winning temperament, I think my strongest asset may be by far my winning temperament.”

“She doesn’t have the stamina. I don’t believe she does, to be president of this country. You have to be able to negotiate on trade deals with Japan, Saudi Arabia; you have so many different things you have to be able to do and I don’t think Hillary has the stamina.”

“She has no business ability.”

“I intend to be a leader people can count on to further peace and prosperity and stand up to hostility.”

Clinton statements – personal

“He can talk to me about stamina as soon as he travels to negotiate with 208 countries and stands before a congressional committee.”

“This is a man who has called women pigs, slobs and dogs and described pregnancy as an inconvenience to employers.”

“A man who can be provoked by a tweet should not have his fingers near the nuclear code.”

Trump – On ISIS and terrorism and security threats

“I want to get on to defeating ISIS; we have to knock the hell out of ISIS and to do it fast.”

“We have too much military type machinery on the streets, our police are often out-gunned on the streets.”

“I did not support the war in Iraq. I was against the war in Iraq. The record shows I am right.”

“Had we taken the oil ISIS would not have been able to form because it was their primary source of income.”

“Nuclear (weaponry) is the single greatest threat that this country has, not global warming like you and your president think.”

“We are not keeping up with other countries but I would certainly not do first strike. Once it starts it’s over.”

Clinton on ISIS and terrorism and security threats

(Re claims by Trump that her decision to back the war in Iraq caused ISIS) “I hope the fact-checkers are turning up the volume and working really, really hard.”

“We’ve got to defeat ISIS, to take out their leaders and do everything we can to disrupt their propaganda efforts on-line.”

“He (Trump) has said repeatedly that he didn’t care if other nations got nuclear weapons –  even Saudi Arabia; his cavalier attitude about nuclear weapons is so deeply troubling that it is the no.1 threat we face in the world.”

“Words matter when you run for president and really matter when you are president. It is essential that America’s word be good, in terms of our agreements made with our allies and other nations. I intend to be leader to further peace and prosperity abroad and at home.”

“It’s like his secret plan around ISIS – the only secret is we don’t know what it is.”


As the 90-minute debate drew to a conclusion the mostly cordial relations between the two presidential rivals concluded on a positive note, with both candidates agreeing with host Lester Holt they would accept the outcome of the vote  in November.

“I support our democracy, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose but I will certainly support the outcome of this election and I hope the people out there understand this election really is up to you; it is not so much about us as it is about you and the kind of country and future you want for you and your family. I hope you will get out and vote because your future depends on it”, declared Clinton, while Trump stated: “I want to make America great again, I’m going to be able to do it, I don’t believe Hillary can win, but if she wins I will absolutely support her.”

csr_0198-mediumEamonn Donlyn Vice President Irish TV America June 2015 Phoro: James Higgins © 2015

Pictured is Eamonn Donlyn Vice President Irish TV in America with Taoiseach Enda Kenny (photo:James Higgins) and in Times Square. 

The Irish angle

Irish interest in the US Presidential race and American politics in general has always been high, not merely from a curiosity point of view, but also because what happens in America affects so many Irish people at home and abroad. So many of us have family, relations and friends in America and through the generations we have bonded as nations and developed mutual respect for each other.

The estimated 40 million Irish-Americans living in the US have a critical role to play in the 2016 presidential election. We hope all will make the effort to get out and vote on who should succeed incumbent President Barack Obama and go on to play a part in ‘making America great again.’

IRISH TV will be on hand as ever to record the stories of the Irish in America who continue to fly the flag so well for the Emerald Isle back home while building a future to be proud of. Look out for our avid reporter Rebekah O’Neill (above) who is always on the spot for the best stories!


Round Two of the Trump/Clinton presidential debates is scheduled for October 9 in Washington University in St Louis with the concluding Round Three to take place on October 19th at the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. The first Vice Presidential debate will take place at Longwood University, Virgina on October 4. We will be following all with interest.






  • 90 minute specially commissioned documentary on IRISH TV
  • Includes a unique perspective of behind the scenes at the Rose of Tralee
  • footage includes the 32 contestants not included in the live final

A special 90-minute documentary providing a unique behind-the-scenes account of the work that goes in to transforming a town in Co Kerry into the week-long annual global festival that is now the Rose of Tralee will air on IRISH TV this week.

This observational documentary witnesses the behind the scenes at one of Ireland’s most famous festivals and what it is like to be part of this event as a Rose, volunteer and stage manager and includes interviews with those responsible for putting it all together including Executive Chair Anthony O Gara.

anthony-o-gara-executive-chairman-rose-of-tralee logo-acobats0 rose-logo00 rose-winner street-party0 the-roses0

The Rose Experience also carries coverage of each of the 32 Rose finalists who made it to the selection stage in the Dome for their interview with host Dáithí O’Shea – but who unfortunately were unsuccessful in getting through to the live televised final.

Producer Adrian McCarthy of Ktown Media adds: “This is the story of how a small town transforms itself into the Rose of Tralee once a year with a focus on the people of Tralee who voluntarily give of their time to ensure the week-long festivities are a success for the thousands of visitors and viewers of the show.

“It also documents the on-stage interviews of the 32 Roses who are put through their paces on stage in the dome with host Dáithí O Shea – and who subsequently learn they have not made it through to the televised final. Each of the 32 contestants will enjoy a 2-minute slot in the documentary and so are given their own moment to shine.”


Repro Free 20-08-2016 Coming from the Library were New York Rose, Kristin Stack, Mayo Rose Fionna McDarby, Galway Rose Rosie Burke and Abu Dhabi Rose Dearbhladh Walsh The visit of the Roses to the Kerry County Library during this years Rose of Tralee Festival. Photo By Domnick Walsh © Eye Focus LTD - www.dwalshphoterry Ireland Mobile Phone : 00353 87 26 72 033 Land Line : 00 353 66 71 22 981 E/mail : WEB Site :


The visit of the Roses to the Kerry County Library during the 2016 Rose of Tralee. L-R: New York Rose, Kristin Stack, Mayo Rose Fionna McDarby, Galway Rose, Rosie Burke and Abu Dhabi Rose Dearbhladh Walsh. Photo

Louth Rose Megan Ferguson onstage in the Festival Dome during TV Rose Selection on Monday night. Photo By Domnick Walsh © Eye Focus LTD - www.dwalshphoto.ieTralee Co Kerry Ireland Mobile Phone : 00353 87 26 72 033 Land Line : 00 353 66 71 22 981 E/mail : WEB Site :



Louth Rose Megan Ferguson onstage in the Festival Dome during TV Rose Selection on Monday night. Photo



Co-producer Brian Hurley of IRISH TV added: “The idea is every Rose will appear and get some exposure where they may not make the final. It is behind-the-scenes unlimited access to everything; including the girls in local parades in home towns and as special guests at concerts and events around the country.”


Brian Hurley, Commissioning Editor IRISH TV in conversation with Ken Murray during the IRISH TV Ploughing LIVE daily broadcast from Tullamore last week.




Rose of Tralee Head of Communications John Drummey said the making of the unique documentary by IRISH TV is a particular bonus.

“We are very much looking forward to seeing it. IRISH TV is a very important global platform to showcase the festival and all the participants from around the world. The coverage is especially important this year being an extended festival with only so many going on to the live TV show. We are delighted IRISH TV is available to us so that family and friends can see their Rose being interviewed on stage by Daithi O Shea and enjoy the full festivities.”


Fiona O’Sullivan – Tipperary Rose and IRISH TV Presenter of Tipperary County Matters.

Capturing all the excitement of the selection night in which the whittling down of the 64 contestants to 32 finalists took place, there is also coverage of the build-up to the Rose of Tralee right around the country as the various Roses perform public duties at parades and social events in their home counties, bringing the Festival to the viewer with parades, fireworks displays, street entertainment and all the carnival atmosphere of the Rose of Tralee International Festival.

The Rose Experience airs on IRISH TV on Thursday September 29th from 8.30pm-10pm.




Hurricane Highway, one of the new and upcoming Irish country music bands, is already enjoying fresh success with the release of its single ‘Already Calling You Mine.’

The band appeared at the IRISH TV Country Music Awards in May where they were met with a rapturous reception from the 2,000 strong audience.


The new single is the follow up to ‘If it gets you where you wanna go’ which received tremendous airplay.

Described as ‘a breath of fresh air’ the band is less than two years on the circuit and is making its mark very strongly on the Irish country music scene. This new single is sure to only grow its appeal.

The new Cd single is now available to download from itunes. More information on their Facebook page and #alreadycallinyoumine #hurricanehighwaybrandnewsingle and on


The Dublin Tiger Fringe Festival features on Dublin County Matters this week as Festival Director Kris Nelson discusses the line-up that includes Riot, Panti and Ham Sandwich and talks about the history of the festival and the new location for the Spiegeltent at Merrion Square.

There is also a sneak preview of Culture Night at Bond Street Studio in Dublin after it opened its doors in Dublin 8 alongside 300 other venues to showcase a mix of photography and written word. Aimee Van Wylick, Culture Night Coordinator, Roisin Russell Bond Street Studio Manager and Briona McArdle, Exhibition Curator tell all to presenter Rebecca Horan.


And finally, as we all live longer are we prepared? Rebecca catches up with Justin Moran from Age Action to find out as they discuss themes affecting older people including depression, rural crime, pensions, healthcare, the budget and retirement.




That’s all in Dublin County Matters, this Thursday  September 29th at 7pm on IRISH TV.

Rebecca Horan, Presenter, Dublin County Matters.

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